We are delighted that you want to contribute to Travelier. Here are a few notes to review before you send a pitch.

The Objective
Our goal is to deliver modern, accessible and inspiring travel stories to discerning Canadian travellers. We like to keep our readers informed, engaged and entertained every step of the way. Please keep this in mind as you generate stories that will ALSO help increase our site traffic, generate lots of social media shares and keep readers coming back for more.

The Audience
Our readers are savvy travellers—not tourists—who already have the travel bug and find travel important. The audience is a mix of successful, driven 25- to 35-year-olds who haven’t yet started families, established mid-career 35- to 50-year-olds with enough money to stretch their travel wings, and 50-plus people looking for things to do in their semi-retirement. Inclusive and diverse, these cosmopolitan groups all want travel variety and choice when they consider where to travel, centred on authentic cultural touchpoints, service-oriented advice, cultural and community relevance, wellness-focused active adventure, and pure, complete escape.

The Pitch
We write about travel. We write about food and culture. We focus on Canada’s top travel destinations, augmented with cool destination ideas for short getaways or full-fledged international adventure. We are looking for writers to pitch original stories that fit into our already established editorial pillars. We expect you to read large swathes of the site first to get a feel for the type of stories we favour. Your ideas need to be timely, on-trend and on-brand, delivering insider intel and insights while introducing our readers to exciting people and ideas from across the country and around the world.

The Size & Fee
In your pitch, indicate how long you think your stories could be. We have three sizes:

Small = 200+ words @ $100
Medium = 500+ words @ $250
Large = 800+ words @ $400

The Tone
After you have been assigned, go with a conversational tone, like you were talking to or explaining something for your best friend. You can be as funny or as serious as you like. Just be open to direction or guidance from our editorial team—not to curb your creativity, but to bring your content into the magazine’s identity.

The Media
Free images are always welcome, so try to source a few for us as you connect with information sources, interview subjects, business owners, tourist boards and media reps. While there is no budget for imagery unless otherwise arranged by the art team, if you happen to be experiencing a travel moment, kindly take a few shots for us. Higher-resolution photos are best.

The Links
Include links in your stories to any resources you recommend or sources for statistics that you cite. Home pages are best, unless you’re referencing something specific. Avoid links to other travel sites like us and to sites that you’re personally connected with to avoid conflicts of interest.

The Bylines
At the end of your story, write a couple of sentences about yourself in the third-person and begin the blurb with your name in caps. Include a link to your website if you wish and kindly file a colour portrait, too. No sunglasses, kids or pets, please.

Look for Travelier in print soon.