Road Trip: Exploring BC's Sunshine Coast

A wander along the southern coast of British Columbia provides a chance to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

By Tiffany Bateman   |   August 19, 2021

It’s a warm summer day when I get out of my car to stretch my legs in Roberts Creek, after the two-hour highway and ferry excursion from Vancouver. The sounds of a woman’s raspy voice, a harmonica and a guitar emanate from a trio stationed beside a corner store. I lean against a tree and listen, taking in the glistening Strait of Georgia and the islands beyond, ready to unwind with a few days of exploring along British Columbia’s renowned Sunshine Coast.

Tiffany Bateman

From driving a motorcycle through the Himalayas in India to riding horses amongst the world's tallest palms in Colombia, Tiffany is always looking for the next adventure.

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