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Befriend a Flamingo on Renaissance Island, Aruba

Settling into a private beach is one of the perks of staying at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino.

By Gi Gi O'Brien   |   June 04, 2021

  Eve Baren

Overview: From the pastel-coloured neighbourhoods to the sustainable sweet spots of this dessert-like destination, the culture of Aruba will engage you. Luxury cabanas radiate pampering against a backdrop of turquoise waters and pristine white sand, leaving you unsure if you are in Bora Bora or the Caribbean.

Crowd: Aruba attracts mostly American visitors with silver and bronze going to the Netherlands and Venezuela. All are looking for that unique beach experience. Everyone is in a state of bliss, soaking in the illusion of elite status as they kick back, feelings special about the privacy.

Agenda: Head to Renaissance Island by water taxi, which is complimentary for guests of the resort, but also accessible via day passes. It’s super secluded, with one restaurant, the Papagayo Bar & Grill, a small shop and an activity centre for kayak, towel and paddleboard hire. Explore 16 hectares (40 acres) of exotica: Kayak through the mangroves or simply sit oceanfront and reconnect the mind-body-soul. When the sun dips, the drums can’t be far away. Put your evening outfit to good use.

Essential: A visit to Flamingo Beach is a must. You can put a quarter in a dispenser to get food for the friendly and fabulous flamingos who will eat right out of your hand.

Timing: Find year-round sunshine, blue skies and cool trade winds in this Southern Caribbean gem, which boasts the least rainfall in the Caribbean.

Gi Gi O'Brien

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